Horse Training and Riding Lessons

Horse Riding Lessons NYS Mary Dixon
Learn horseback riding. Horse riding and horseback adult vacations including accommodations. Great trail riding and horse riding in New York state.

Horses Just Wanna Have Fun
Products from "Horses Just Wanna Have Fun" are fun, yet serious toys and tools that will help owners with innovative horse training equipment that will help remove horse boredom. Selling horse training tools, horse mounting aids, & equine training ball.

Liberty Foundations Training at Spirit Horse Ranch
Ruella Yates teaches and practices Liberty training at Spirit Horse Ranch Liberty Foundations LLC near Oklahoma City. She is inspired by the Carolyn Resnick Method, and seeks to teach the Waterhole Rituals in their purity and clarity. They work to establish loving communication and respect with horses, using their own language to create a magnetic connection between horses and the people who love them, increasing their well-being. Ruella is a Carolyn Resnick Certified Trainer.